Welcome to Barre Remixed, where we take the traditional barre workout experience and spice it up. Barre classes combine ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training to create long, lean muscles and a strong core while increasing flexibility, and toning that booty. The Remix approach helps you to look and feel better each day.

We at Barre Remixed, want a little more fun with our workouts. We are bringing you the best workouts with an urban, hip-hop, party twist. Forget what you know about working out and get ready to mix it up! We have the best instructors and professional routines that will give you so much sexy confidence that you may consider quitting your day job. All bodies and levels are welcome.



This is not your traditional Barre workout class! Expect loud, upbeat and explicit hip-hop beats combined with a high-energy atmosphere. Barre Remixed focuses on working out that booty while combining elements of hip-hop along with the traditional barre fitness routines to achieve a total body workout. Expect to burn up to 600 calories. All levels welcome.


A traditional Buti class with a hip hop twist. This class combines a traditional Buti flow with more upbeat music to have you strong, flexible, and ready to take on the rest of your day. Stretch, tone and strengthen with this full body Buti class that will challenge your mind and body. All levels welcome.


Do you want to unleash your inner Beyonce or Rihanna? The Bey & Bubbles class gets your heart pumping and body moving with a choreographed routine from your favorite artists’ music videos and tour routines. Bey members can expect to burn 400-600 calories minus a glass of champagne. All levels welcome.


How To Dress

Wear athletic clothing tailored to yoga or dance that makes you feel good. Expect to sweat, so please bring a towel. Grip socks are required and sold at each location. We also have a water bottle station available, but you can also purchase water.

Getting Here

Our studio has plenty of “free” parking nearby, so arrive early to change in our dress room, put away your belongings in our secured cubbies, and gather your equipment for the day. Important! Arrive 15 mins early if it’s your first class.

Our Instructors

Our instructors  will take you on a tour of the studio, get you the right equipment and help you set up your space. Let your instructor know of any injuries or limitations you have so they can modify your workout.

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